Everything Daniel Mueller

This site is dedicated to everyone with the name Daniel Mueller. We will post all relevant information found online in the form on the news, social media, events, business, achievements, and recognition’s under the name Daniel Mueller.

Our goal is to make this directory, your number one source for information and a comprehensive archive for everything Daniel Mueller related.

First, some social media statistics and general social networking information.

There are literally hundreds of people with the name Daniel Mueller that have Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and account with just about every other social media or social networking venue out there.

One of the most popular Facebook pages is for German cellist Daniel Müller-Schott (notice the German spelling of the name Mueller)

You can visit the official Facebook page of Daniel Müller-Schott or check out his personal website which can be found here.

Daniel Muller the actor.

Daniel was born and raised and the U.S., but has traveled the world and speaks many different languages. He is fluent in German and French and can also converse in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Russian.
Daniel has appeared in many short films. Runaway Dream and Sunken City are among his latest appearances. He has performed in films, commercials, theater, and on the internet.

His performance skills include Improvisation, Singing and Voiceover. He is also an avid athlete and possesses some musical talent as well. You can view his complete resume here.

Daniel Mueller, author and writer.

There is also a great author and writer named Daniel Mueller, who wrote the critically acclaimed short fiction How Animals Mate, a book which won the Sewanee Fiction Prize. He also wrote Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey.

Daniel serves on the permanent creative writing faculties of the Low-Residency M.F.A. Program at Queens University of Charlotte and the University of New Mexico. For more information on Daniel Mueller’s work you can follow this link here.

Daniel Mueller’s in the medical profession.

There are also many medical professionals from all over the world that share the name Daniel Mueller. I can find so many accomplished and renowned surgical specialists, psychologists, pharmacists and even dental specialists.

Like Dr. Daniel Mueller for example, he is the Head of the Pharmacogenetics Research Clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Daniel is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Mueller’s principal goal is to progress drug treatment of psychiatric disorders. A specific focus of Dr. Mueller’s research is to target genetic markers that predict medication side effects such as antipsychotic-induced weight gain (AIWG).  You can learn more about his work here.

There is much more to come.

This is just a small example of people with the name Daniel Mueller, who have helped make a difference in our society and have contributed to making this world a better place to live.  I plan on listing more information on everything Daniel Mueller I can find online. You’re invited to check back often and see all the new additions I make to this site. My first area of interest will focus on all of the Daniel Mueller Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hope to see you back again soon.